12 Best Kabuki Brushes To Buy In 2021 + How To Use Them

Everyone has their favorite set of makeup tools, but there are some options experts deem fit for any cosmetic bag. Kabuki brushes fall into that category. These dense-to-fluffy, compact brushes (named after Kabuki theater, a Japanese form of dance-drama where performers would frequently pat on powder for shows) lend a pillowy makeup application without ever appearing caky—a balance considered gold standard when it comes to full-coverage makeup. You can use them in slightly different ways (scroll below for a tutorial), but each brush can effortlessly pick up loads of pigment—from foundations, powders, bronzers, you name it—and deposit the formula evenly onto the skin. Oh, and did we mention it fits innocently in the palm of your hand? Find our all-time favorite kabuki brushes below, with tips to use each and every shape.

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