6 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Cooler In The Summer Heat

Good days start with great rest. Increased productivity, a brighter mood, and better stress management are just some of the perks a night of high-quality, deep sleep can deliver.Achieving the sleep of our dreams (and the daytime productivity of our fantasies) starts with the right mindset; racing, anxious thoughts from the day will only make it harder to relax. Routine matters too; drinking caffeine or alcohol, eating rich foods, and scrolling through social media before bed can mess with rest. Finally, one of the most important determinants of sleep quality is the bedroom itself. The ideal sleep space is dark, quiet, and cold—ideally around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.”In the outdoor conditions in which we evolved, the temperature drops at night. That drop is part of many contextual factors that cause us to feel sleepy,” holistic psychiatrist and sleep expert Ellen Vora, M.D., previously told mbg of the importance of a chilly bedroom. As the night goes on, research also shows that warmer temperatures can decrease sleep quality by increasing wake-ups and keeping us from reaching the later sleep stages wherein the majority of rest and repair happens.Clearly, achieving the right temperature is essential for sleep—and it’s much easier to do during the dark, cold nights of winter than the hot and sunny days of summer.Instead of resigning yourself to frequent wake-ups and groggy mornings this season, follow these designer-approved tips for crafting a stylish bedroom that’s cool and comfortable:

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