Benefits, Products & How To Apply It

Chebe powder has a laundry list of wonderful moisturizing and strengthening properties—just make sure you use it correctly. Says O’Connor, “It’s recommended to apply it to the mid-shaft and ends, as it could possibly clog the pores on the scalp.” We repeat: If you apply chebe powder on your roots or use it as a scrub, make sure to thoroughly rinse when you’re done. As for which oils to combine with the powder, you can choose your own adventure: olive, almond, jojoba, et al. Although, you might want to avoid coconut oil for this mixture: “I think that might make it way too heavy,” Martey-Ochola notes. Other than that, it’s generally safe to use on the hair; although, you might want to patch-test before applying to make sure you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients. 

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