Breakfast Briám With Baked Eggs Recipe

It’s the eggs and Kasseri that make this version different from the original. “Kasseri is a Greek sheep and goat’s milk cheese that can be found in the cheese section at some markets, specialty stores or online.”You’re going to start with a whole lot of veggies (the best start to a dish, if you ask me), which are then roasted before you add the eggs and cheese at the end. “If you’re entertaining, you can make the vegetables up to 4 hours ahead, place in a baking dish, cover with plastic wrap and keep at room temperature,” says Pavlides. “When you’re ready to serve, reheat the vegetables until hot before adding the cheese and eggs, then finish baking.”The ingredient list reads like a list of the best summer picks from the farmers market, but they also all fit right into a Mediterranean diet—especially if you’re able to opt for local and organic options. But no matter what veggies you start with, this dish is going to be good. Want more breakfast ideas inspired by the Mediterranean coast? Here are our favorite Mediterranean diet breakfasts.

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