How To Do Lateral Lunge (Side Lunge): Tips, Modifications, Benefits

Your standard lunge will certainly get your glutes and quadriceps working, but they won’t target your abductor muscles (inner thighs) quite as much. With lateral lunges, however, you work both the inner and outer thigh, as well as the glutes and quads.What’s more, this movement targets the sides of the glutes (aka the gluteus medius), which provides stability for the hip joint. Plus, it can help open up any tightness in your hips and groin.On top of that, the side-to-side movement can help cultivate balance and stability. While it’s a great, dynamic exercise on its own, adding some weights to lateral lunges can turn this simple move into a full-body exercise.Lateral lunges are a beginner-friendly move, perfect for warming up the body before a workout, or even as part of the workout itself. So the next time you want to work those inner thighs and glutes, give lateral lunges a try.

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