New Study Finds A Way To Predict Longevity With Your Immune “Clock”

Whether young or old, bolstering your defenses (i.e., innate and adaptive immune systems) can be a priority. From immune cell development and function to promoting immune resilience as we age, healthy lifestyle choices and targeted approaches like science-backed supplements can strengthen our body’s natural defense mechanisms.*Four of the biggest lifestyle things you can do to support immune function actually seem small, when it really comes down to it: getting enough sleep, finding time to move your body each day, managing stress levels, and, of course, washing your hands. Those first three have major benefits beyond just immune health, too. In the kitchen, zinc-rich foods, vitamin-C-rich foods, and quercetin-rich foods are your friends for nurturing a strong immune system.*Want to get even more know-how on having a strong immune system?* These tips from mbg director of scientific affairs Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, can help.

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