What Causes Cracked Skin & 5 Ways To Heal Them

When your skin is dry, your hands are one of the first areas to betray that lack of moisture. No, seriously: When it comes to triggers that contribute to dry skin, your paws often take the first offense. You use your hands quite a bit from day-to-day—and this frequent wear and tear can leave them rough and cracked. There are admittedly some optics at play, too: Because you use your hands so frequently, you may notice a scaly appearance more than other easily covered-up areas. Dry hands are also irritating—in more ways than one. Yes, the chapped skin can be uncomfortable, itchy, and sometimes painful, but it’s also annoying to deal with, considering how much we use our hands on the regular. So we’ll get right to it: If you’re wondering how to save your raw, dry hands, here’s how to keep them supple. 

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